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An amalgamation of Academia , Industry & Entrepreneur.

One of the initiatives is a “Thematic approach” to harness multidisciplinary talent and infrastructure for solving specific challenges in identified sectors

Innovation ,Technology &ICT for improvement of Quality Education

We are working in Educational Quality from a long timeFirst of all, educational innovations can improve learning outcomes and the quality of education provision. For example, changes in the educational system or in teaching methods can help customise the educational process.

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Aerospace, Electronics, and Instrumentation & Strategic Sectors

Aviation(SARAS 19 Seater Transport Aircraft, RTA‐70 Seater, New Generation 2 Seater Hansa A/c, UAV’s /MAV’s), Defense(Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors, Aerospace Biofuel & Lubricants, Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Facility Creation, SHM / IVHM), Electronics, Advance material coating and Chemicals, Mechanical System

Civil Infrastructure & Engineering

Affordable Mass Housing, Heritage Structures, Energy Efficiency, Disaster Mitigation, Automation in construction, IOT in Smart Cities, Structural Health Monitoring &Life Extension, Special and Multi functional Structures, Tunneling, New Pavement Materials, Utilization of waste materials in Road& Bridge construction, Traffic Planning with focus on Environment and Safety, Health, Monitoring of Bridges.

Ecology, Environment, Earth & Ocean Sciences and Water

Our research areas in Ecology segmets are as follows

:• Air Quality and Climate Change

 • Waste Management

 • Water and Wastewater

 • Natural Resources and Biodiversity

 • Earth, water and Ocean Sciences 

• Environmental Policy and Regulations

Mining, Minerals, Metals and Materials

Our research areas in Ecology segmets are as follows

Raw Materials • Minerals & Beneficiation • Extraction & Refining Technologies • Materials Processing & Equipment • Advanced Materials • Advanced Manufacturing • Modeling & Simulation • Surface Engineering • Waste to Wealth

Specialised Chemicals specially imported quality and Petrochemicals

Import Substitution[APIs (Pharma and Agro), Petrochemicals (and Refinery Integration Opportunities)]

Specialty and Performance Chemicals(Leather, Lubricants, Paper, Textiles etc.)

Green Chemistry( Low‐carbon Processes, Atom Efficiency, Renewable Feedstock)

Disruptive Technologies(Industrial IOT applications, Block chain, Data Analytics

Save tons on design and development

playing a pivotal role in enhancing the outreach and improving the quality of

education. Various schemes and measures have been formulated to utilize the

potential of smart technologies. The National Policy on Education, also stressed upon employing educational technology to improve quality of