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Unised Research and Consultant undertaken several initiatives to translate laboratory leads to marketable/value-added technologies/products and thereby enhance interactions and connect to stakeholders for enabling ease of doing technology licensing. One of the initiatives is a “Thematic approach” to harness multidisciplinary talent and infrastructure for solving specific challenges in identified sectors. .
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Unised Research and Consultant are here to improvise the knowledge and determination of a Research Field.
Aerospace, Electronics, and Instrumentation & Strategic Sectors

Aviation, Defense, Electronics, Advance material coating and Chemicals, Mechanical System

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Civil Infrastructure& Engineering (Thrust Area/s)

• Affordable Mass Housing • Heritage Structures • Energy Efficiency • Disaster Mitigation • Automation in construction • IOT in Smart Cities • Structural Health Monitoring &Life Extension • Special and Multi functional Structures and many moreto get.

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Agri, Nutrition & Biotechnology (Thrust Area/s)

Enhancing Farmers Productivity/Area/Tim e Through Varietal Development, Agro Technology Optimization and Process Development • Combating Malnutrition • Conservation of Rare, Endangered & Thre atened Plants • Meeting the Needs of Industrial Enzymes • Synthetic Biology & Next Generation Gene edited Plants • 2G Bioethanol • Development of Alternative Poultry Feeds • Precision Organic Agriculture • Preventing Post Harvest Losses

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Chemicals (including Leather) & Petrochemicals (Thrust Area/s)

Import Substitution

Specialty and Performance Chemicals

Green Chemistry 

Disruptive Technologies 

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playing a pivotal role in enhancing the outreach and improving the quality of

education. Various schemes and measures have been formulated to utilize the

potential of smart technologies. The National Policy on Education, also stressed upon employing educational technology to improve quality of


"We are working at almost
twice the capacity".
Our Researches has always there for nation's nacessity and pride that we work twice of our capacity to fulfilment the Requirments.